Volunteer: Mallory

  My name is Mallory (28) and I am a physical therapist from the United States. I came to Sri Lanka to volunteer at the orphanage and do my best to provide therapy for the children here with disabilities.   First impressions of the orphanage were wonderful. I found most of the children to be […]


Volunteer: Leonie

  My name is Leonie (20) and I’m from Germany.   I’m planning to study special needs education and have already some experiences with caring for disabled people. So I was very excited to see how the orphanage for kids with disabilities in Sri Lanka works. At first I was a little bit overwhelmed by […]


Patience and power of endurance

  As if our monthly bills for water and electricity of 250-300 Euros in Meth Sewa, Handapanagala, were not enough to violate our budget, a dozen of our kids got so sick, that they had to be moved to the hospital.   Due to their conditions, most of the kids are already fragile and weak. […]

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Rainfalls & Flood

  The heavy rainfalls made about 200.000 people leave Colombo.   We also had major damages to register, what pushes back the opening date of Pahan Tharuwa and kills our budget. So we are forced to collect some fundings to keep on going!    

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Pahan Tharuwa – the new girl’s home

  The 2nd floor of Pahan Tharuwa   The Carcass of Pahan Tharuwa’s 2nd floor is almost done! Right after, we can start with the interior work and place the furniture.      

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Pahan Tharuwa – start of construction

  The buddhist ceremony at the auspicious time in the morning hours may bless our construction works.   While our young monks are reciting Buddha’s words and mantras we are setting the cornerstone, filled with fertile seeds from different countries, mantras and good wishes.    


Volunteer Alvaro

  Over three months helping at Stop Staring Start Caring Foundation I came across to learn about many sad situations these girls are going through. Help is needed, that is a reality. the organisation’s work developed, to build this new homes for raped children. This is the key to get these kids away from that […]


New safe-house for raped girls

  Pahan Tharuwa is our safe-house for underage rape victims who are pregnant. Most of them were raped by family members, often enough their own father!   During our specially developed 2 years program, the girls will receive therapeutic care to process their traumatic experiences and a specific education to make a living.   Another […]

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Volunteer Zsuzsanna

  I joined the project in January 2016 as a volunteer for 2 weeks. I stayed in Cihan’s house with two other volunteers in Wellawaya. He explained the projects of „Stop staring start caring” (SSSC) and got my full attention. I admired his and Sonja’s (who I unfortunately never met in person) enthusiasm and hard […]

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The Wall

  Volunteers and artists from all around the world are helping to paint the wall   To make the long and high wall look like the part of a home and not a jail, we colorfully painted it for months- we started in December last year.   So many kind artists and volunteers from all […]