Monthly Archives: March 2015

A new home for 30 girls – our first project for Meth Sewa

Half a year has passed since we have decided to fundraise money for supporthing the Meth Sewa Foundation. We never knew how much we could collect and to be honest during that time we sometimes felt unsure whether it would be enough for the various needs in Handapanagala, far away from the Sri Lankan tourism, […]


Every day life in Meth Sewa!

  Cihan has been staying at the Meth Sewa Orphanage for about two weeks now. He is planning and calculating all the details for the new home for 20 of the Meth Sewa kids. Originally we intended to build a bath house first. But this has become unessential since a big Ceylon insurance already made […]



  About half a year ago we have started collection money for the poor kids of the Meth Sewa orphanage.   We are blessed for all the people who have already helped us fundraising money for their new home. Great people, great ideads, great results in only some months time.   Here are some examples […]