Slowly, slowly

In early december 2016, we returned to Handapanagala (Sri Lanka) and our current project called Pahan Tharuwa (morning star). It will be the new home for unwed expecting underaged mothers of the region around Wellawaya.
About 8 month had passed since our last visit. We already knew that the money planned for the roof had to be spend for food, transport and expenses for medicine, doctor and hospital. Since spring 2016 the number of disabled kids in Meth Sewa had increased by 10 to now 76.
Except our donations no other organisation or company does give money on a regular basis. Hard to cope with the every day problems and costs.
Additionally the same family and helpers intend to care for the girls and babies that will move into Pahan Tharuwa soon.
The budget is small but pressure is high to complete the building. Both the probation office and the childs’ authority that are taking care of the raped girls are urgently waiting for us to finish the project.
This is how the house looks at the moment.
We still have to finance the furniture and a bathroom as well as the garden around the house.
Donatations are therefore highly appreciated.