Please stop the rain!

The last months our construction site and the staff at Meth Sewa had to suffer from heavy rain. For that reason we still don’t know when “Pahan Tharuwa”, our new charity project in Sri Lanka, will be finished. The weather has currently caused a delay of half a year.
Another time factor is the local Probation Office. This is the responsible authority in the region of Handapanagala. Every step we take is controlled by them. And at the end they will decide whether the raped girls and their babies will be allowed to move in or not.
The Probation Office insists on a 24/7 medical and psychological care of the inhabitants. We surely understand their approach. Nevertheless, we just supply the hardware and are incapable of regulating the daily.
However the administration will decide, our new house will under all circumstances be a new home for needy childs from the region.