Thank you, Mimecast!

When we started our work in Sri Lanka, we were sure that we will have to face difficulties and would need a lot of patience. Our project is far. travelling there takes nearly 24 hours from door to door and the communication with the team of Meth Sewa is sagging.
But we never gave up and never will!
And moments like this reassure our engagement:
During a kick off meeting in Munich, the Central Europe team of Mimecast impulsivly decided to donate. This was driven by the effort of one of our members and employee of mimecast, Sascha Muth. He held a quick presentation about the Meth Sewa project and the needy kids there and a great amount was collected in minutes.
This generous donation helps us to support the helpers at Meth Sewa. The women and men there work hard and do not get paid on a regularly basis. They have to limit themselves and neglect their families for the hard work in the orphanage.
With the Mimecast donation we can ensure a regular and respectable payment of the existing staff as well as an increase of workers there.
We are blessed and endlessly thankful!