Work in progress!

We have improved our patience during the last 4 years of supporting the orphanage Meth Sewa in one of the poorest regions of Sri Lanka. According to German Gründlichkeit, nothing has seemed to work out since then.
But that is not true! We have achieved a lot and we are happy to show you some progress.
Thanks to all the generous donatations from all over Europe, we had been able to buy the necessary furniture for Pahan Tharuwa. Nearly 2,5 years ago, we started this project by building a protective wall, reconstructing an old and rotten house and building another storey to gain the needed space. A new bathroom had been constructed and we funded water and electricity.
One of the last arrangements has been the delivery of a lot of new beds and cupboards. Like all the other stuff so far, they had been bought at Dickwella, Wellawaya, the only furniture shop in the region.
To get a picture of all the work progress, we will travel to Handapanagala this December. We are already very excited and hope to see the needy girls move in then.