Heartbreaking trip to Sri Lanka

Two weeks ago I returned from Sri Lanka, were I had spend some time with our charity project Hashtag#stopstaringstartcaring for the 5th time.
Whenever I go there, I am a different person. I feel, act and even dream differently. Every time I see all the problems and poor boys and girls in our orphanage, I am ashamed for any negative thought I sometimes have when it comes to my business and private life here in this cultivated, organised and rich country called Germany.
We are so very privileged here and most of us cannot even imagine what it means to fight for food, health and shelter every single day.
I feel blessed with being the head & heart of our foundation (my name is Sonja Koeneke and I founded this association together with Cihan Cebeci and some close people in 2015) and whenever I return from Sri Lanka I see things clearer and I am full of gratefulness and energy.
And whenever I return to this place near Wellawaya, where no tourist ever will spend time, I see that we cannot stop helping the poor kids and the hard-working team of Meth Sewa. It feels good to see any kind of progress there. But we should all keep in mind that we will never stop the environment, the culture or the singularities there. What we can do is to disburden the life of the kids and take care of their basic needs.

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