How it all began

Where Cihan, Sonja & Peter first met


Everything started in January 2014 when Peter, Sonja and Cihan met in an Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka. Peter is from Austria, enjoying his annual health treat, already supporting people in need by bringing as much as he could pack. Sonja, a PR consultant running her own little agency, is from Munich and wanted to limber up for a new year doing some Yoga, enjoying healthy food and relaxing in silence. Cihan escaped from colorful but loud Istanbul, where he was performing as an Illusionist in Istanbul’s finest clubs and on TV.


All three get along very well immediately and spend time philosophizing about life, wishes and prospects for the future wrapped up in warm summer nights. Sonja and Peter go back home while Cihan starts a road trip thru the island.

Cihan visits different sites, makes new, amazing friends and meets needy people under very different conditions. One of his new friends is Eilidh Graham from Glasgow. An amazingly dedicated and talented young lady, who spent more than 8 years of fundraising in Scotland and helping out wherever she could in Sri Lanka. With Eilidh’s help Cihan had insight in the saddening conditions at Tsunami houses and orphanages. Keeping a tight contact to Sonja and Peter he informs them with pictures and reports about the needs of these indigent children.


About 2 months after their last meeting, Sonja and Peter collect in a few weeks several big boxes with toys, educational material, clothes, and many other things to bring smiles on those cute, little faces. Sonja even managed to buy a washing machine for one orphanage.


With Sonja’s precious effort, now, a network is shaping up and some good hearted, dedicated individuals come together to utilize all present circumstances for the benefit of those in need: “Stop Staring – Start Caring” is born!

The goal is, to ensure a better life for children, who are disadvantaged by poverty, loss of parents, physical or mental disability, wrong or bad environment, lack of educational or parental.


All founders put their positive attitudes, their ideas, motivation and activism together to make a change in the world. For this purpose we get all of our skills, expertise and networks involved to give an optimal support.