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The market for charity organizations is huge. Your heart and your wallet have to make the right decision, where to give support.


Stop Staring – Start Caring is a small association, located in Munich, operating without any governmental aid but full commitment of all its founders. Having no advertisements and no nameable administration costs, we focus on feasible projects that have personal value for us.


Get involved with a one time donation or become a full-fledge, supporting member of Stop Staring – Start Caring Ass.
If needed we will issue contribution receipts.

Annual subscription


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With an annual subscription of 240,- Euros (equals a monthly fee of 20,- Euros) you will already be a supporting member of our charitable association. With your kind support we will campaign for deprived and disabled children. For now, our main efforts are focussed on Sri Lanka. We are committed but not bound to any location. Our heart’s desire and declared goal is to ensure better conditions for as many kids as possible… no matter on which spot on earth!


For this, we need a lot of fellow supporters!


Donations in kind


In comparison to the needs around here, the kids in countries like Sri Lanka, really need everything! Like all children in the world, they also enjoy playing with toys, cuddle bears, paint and handicraft, sneakers or sandals and kid-style summer wear.


This is why we always get a special kind of happy, when we receive almost new toys and clothing. As soon as we hit the road to get to these regions and orphanages, we bring them the goods bit by bit and exchange them for some wonderful smiles. As we want them to enjoy all things and keep their smile for more than a while, we want to make sure that they are in best condition and really suit the tropic temperature.


Thank you, in advance for your support!


Even with just a small support, we are able to do a lot of good. Every little helps… or as its said in Scotland “Many mickle, makes a muckle!”.


No matter if you want to donate just once or consider to pay 240,- Euros annually for a fellowship, we are thankful for any help to go on with our project.

Here are the details for your kind donations:
Raiffeisenbank Zorneding
Sonja Koeneke / SSSC e.V.
IBAN DE14 7016 9619 0100 2380 07