Meth Sewa


In the outskirts of Handapanagala, far beyond touristic beaches and fancy hotels, we found this orphanage with over 40 infants, children and grown-ups. All of the orphans have severe, multiple disabilities or are seriously sick. Most of them are fully dependent on care, can’t eat or move without help.



Most of the inhabitants have been abandoned and left out in the jungle, at the side of the road, hidden in crates, sewage canals, etc. to die. Some parents were desperate enough to attempt to murder them, but luckily failed.


Wasante Niroshan, a young average man, had a heart and took 2 kids in his home, caring for them with his wife. Meanwhile, almost 2 years later they are sharing their home with 38 children and are financing everything on their own, with the kind support of neighbours.


The condition of some kids are heart wrenching and it is very hard for us, to keep a smile, while visiting the kids and listening to their stories. Avoiding tears does not really work!


Simply everything is needed! There is not enough space, not enough beds, not enough food, no washing machine, no toys, no adequate education, no car, no medicine, no doctor, no therapist, … it seems desperate.


But in contrary it is wonderful to see the love and the dedication of Wasante, his wife and all volunteers doing the best they can to make the children feel good, with whatever they can and have. Especially for the little of nothing they get in return!


We are trying to build a bathroom and another dormitory for these children.
As for now, they only have one bathroom under open sky, for boys and girls. The few beds they have are infested with any kind of bugs, as all children are not able to control their urination. The mattresses and clothes are soaked with urine every day.

Let us all cooperate to quickly improve the conditions!