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Poor little baby girl!

  So sad to introduce you to this little girl.   She is the newbie at Meth Sewa in Sri Lanka. She was there given the name Kumari which means princess. She is only 2 months old, with a weight of 1,2 kilos far underfed and had been abandoned by her family.   She is […]


Volunteer: Leonie

  My name is Leonie (20) and I’m from Germany.   I’m planning to study special needs education and have already some experiences with caring for disabled people. So I was very excited to see how the orphanage for kids with disabilities in Sri Lanka works. At first I was a little bit overwhelmed by […]


Volunteer Alvaro

  Over three months helping at Stop Staring Start Caring Foundation I came across to learn about many sad situations these girls are going through. Help is needed, that is a reality. the organisation’s work developed, to build this new homes for raped children. This is the key to get these kids away from that […]