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Please stop the rain!

  The last months our construction site and the staff at Meth Sewa had to suffer from heavy rain. For that reason we still don’t know when “Pahan Tharuwa”, our new charity project in Sri Lanka, will be finished. The weather has currently caused a delay of half a year.   Another time factor is […]


Every day life in Meth Sewa!

  Cihan has been staying at the Meth Sewa Orphanage for about two weeks now. He is planning and calculating all the details for the new home for 20 of the Meth Sewa kids. Originally we intended to build a bath house first. But this has become unessential since a big Ceylon insurance already made […]


Wasantes Dream

The orphans of Meth Sewa need a new home. Help us to build it in 2015!