What drives us



Small efforts lead to remarkable effects!


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”, says Desmond Tutu.


All life long we’re looking for the happy medium, an acceptable compromise, the alternative. We are pondering and trying to decide things to our advantage, to the best of us. We are fulfilling our dreams, desires, wishes and aims.


Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed! We grow by our experiences and tasks. And while we enjoy our health, having a cozy home, being surrounded by friends and family, living, loving, travelling and having fun, we call it a comfy, splendid life. Then, most probably we are happy, and we do all to keep it this way!


A lot of people on earth though, do not have all these assets. All the goodies that surround us and build the essence of our comfort are privileges that are restricted to others.


Compared to us, they were born into a world beyond a civilized, healthy or fair environment, far from numerous possibilities offering a variety of prospects for a dulcet future.


Our motivation is to supply goods and good conditions! Things that are certain and abundant for us will bring people a livable life and developable possibilities.


Our main focus are innocent and helpless infants and children as they are in a urgent need of protection and support.