Who we are


(Regina and Peter are missing on this photo)

The Society has 7 founding members who know each other partially since many years and found each other in this constellation by chance or destiny. The founders are widely spread from Southern Germany, Hessian, Austria and Turkey. 3 ladies and 4 gentlemen, from 40 to 67 years old. Left to right: Helmut Distl, Ingeborg Doerr, Cihan Cebeci, Gert Köneke, Sonja Köneke (Regina Bouga and Peter Keusch are missing on this picture)


The people of Stop Staring – Start Caring started the officially registered charity organization in early summer 2014 to make it grow, attain daily achievements, spread happiness and enable support.


In this way we want to give back energy and dedication into the cosmic cycle of life.

Our lives are prevailingly filled with beauty and happy moments and we have all possibilities as well as the willpower to help and bring happiness!


This is the motor of SSSC! Every single day!

Munich, October 14th, 2016: We warmly welcome our new member Silke Münninghoff
News, April 2017
We are happy to announce Sascha Muth as a new member of SSSC. Since he visited Hanapanagala in December 2016, he has been supporting our project.

Welcome, Sascha!