Why Sri Lanka?



Near or far – any favorites

Where do we want to help? In our neighbourhood? In Europe? Asia? Africa?


There is so much poverty and misery on earth, that the question “Where?” is a needless one to ask. There is simply no wrong place to start helping!


None of the founders of “Stop Staring – Start Caring ” woke up one day, just in the mood to build up a charity organization. No one had even a precise region in mind to focus on.


Experiencing the inacceptable and sad conditions for orphans or disabled kids in Sri Lanka first hand, we realized, that those simple things we have in abundance at home, are essential things that could erase the suffering of many children in Sri Lanka.


With a rather small amount of money, we can achieve so much more right here, than in Europe.


For example:
The costs for one average dinner (30 Euro) in Europe are equivalent to feeding a child for one month in Sri Lanka!


We basically grew into it! We attracted and infected each other with kindness and are inspiring and motivating us to develop and evaluate our possibilities constantly. By pouring our skills, ideas, experiences and networks in one pot to stir, we prepare a feast of care.
Like a gourmet we turn compassion into passion.